Block diagramm




Block description:
INP  input connector with one of heads
IC impedance converter:
HF - high freq path
LF - DC and low freq path
CPL coupling: AC only or AC+DC switch
ATT attenuator
OA operational amplifier
CVC current-voltage converter
F low-pass filter with 25MHz band
ADC analog-to-digital converter
TC trigger comparator
I interpolator (timeto voltage convertor) for RIS sampling
MCU micricontroller
OC optocoupler for UART isolation
BR usb to uart bridge
IDCPC isolated DC power converter
USB interface to PC
Signal description:
/25: input attenuation up to 200mV/div and from 500mV/div
FiltL: low-pass filter 3kHz (zonly up to 200mV/div)
DC: DC path enabling (coupling off)
3: 8 positions 3bit attenuator control bus
OFFS: signal offset
FiltH: 3MHz low-pass filter (anti-aliasing)
8: parallel ADC output
CLK: ADC clock
RX: from PC to oscill, path for control commands
TX: from oscill to PC, path for sample data