Oscill common description
what is oscill?

Oscill is a family of inexpensive efficient oscilloscopes with capabilities that cover most of the needs of professional and amateur activities in electronics, microcontroller technology, communications, power supplies, measurements ...

Oscill is designed to replace obsolete and out-of-order analog oscilloscopes of middle and low classes.

Oscill is ideally suited for laboratory, home and field applications due to its light weight, dimensions, power consumption and rich functionality.

 At present  developed and produces three models of oscill:
 usb.oscill - a hand-type oscilloscope that connects to a USB port (1.1 or 2) of a personal computer, PDA, tablet, phone;
uart.oscill - a hand-held oscilloscope that connects to a serial port of various devices (obsolete computers and PDAs without USB);
bt.usb.oscill - with a Bluetooth wireless interface (in addition to a wired USB or UART).